What Makes a Strategic Organic Communicator © Different?

Strategy is what you need from any writer who produces your marketing materials. She has to know your targeted clientele and be able to speak directly to their needs. Additionally Nancy, as an Organic Communicator, also has to be able to keep your prospects' attention as they scan your document or page, by means of compelling design and graphics.

How does she do that? With well over a decade of advertising and collateral copy experience — and a several decades of design and illustration — Nancy has demonstrated expertise in a wide range of industries. Your firm has clearly-defined goals; but Nancy can help you further pinpoint, and reach, your targeted market in language they can relate to and in design that makes them want to read more.

How Nancy Can Help You

As you know, compelling writing that piques the reader's interest and addresses their concerns can be found in many media. For example, you may have:

• web site content to create or update;
• case studies or white papers to write;
• brochures, collateral and sell sheets to publish;
• existing copy to edit;
• blogs, social media, PR and articles to write;
• documents to proofread; plus
• research to be done;
• and all of these need to be designed.

Nancy can help you with all of these. In each case, you can use her copy and design to drive business to your product or service, and overcome buying objections into the bargain.

You know you really need clear, concise, targeted business copy that will build an audience for what you want to communicate — and one in your company has the expertise or time to do it all. Plus, a writer who can also design can make your life (and your budget!) even easier.

Why wait? Contact Nancy today — at 212-691-1445 or nancy@nancywritescopy.com — and discover what she can do for your company.

Nancy Hoffmann, Strategic
Organic Copywriter

New York, NY 10011


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